Apple support

Your new Apple computer comes fully installed by Apple, at least, that’s what you expect. Several commonly used applications however, still have to be installed. We adapt and customise your Mac to your needs and requirements, both hardware as support; installing third party application, drivers and the latest upgrades and updates.

And is there a new version of macOS? We can advise you about the upgrade and especially about when you should or should not do this. Upgrades are something different than updates.

Here are a few more things we can help you with:

– When your equipment is not working or if you want to learn to get more out of it
– Install old/new Mac, (NAS)server, iPhone or iPad and migrate your data.
– Let us take care of your important data like photos, configure automatic back-ups stored somewhere safe in your house and/or even remote to our secured backup server
– Using iCloud or alternative to backup your Mac, iPhone data!
– Mac hardware upgrades like fitting a larger harddrive or faster SSD (solid state) and placing more RAM (memory). Give that, once a really fast, MacBook Pro, iMac or MacMini a second life.
– Setup and configure your (WiFi) networks, HomePod, Apple TV, or other IoT/smart device.
– Advice and support regarding most of your digital problems and questions

Support for companies

Do you need help setting up your office network or do you want advice on improving your current infrastructure? In our free intake, with your information, we can give you relevant advice tailored to your company and working methods.

For customers who require a total carefree solution, we provide full support for handling all of their IT business.

Thinking about working in the cloud? Our experience with pretty much every platform can be very useful to help you choose the best solution for your company. Migrating all your companies e-mail accounts to or from Google G Suite, Microsoft Office365 or even dedicated servers; we make sure this will not be something to ever be stressful about!

If you want that step further in automating your daily activities. We can help you save costs and ensure everyone in your company can work optimally, without loss of productivity or quality!

Based in Eindhoven, we serve our customers both remotely and on location. Our help can always be offered quickly.